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We take pride in our ability to execute the big idea concepts into amenities and other design elements that are authentic and consistent with the region and site by establishing a community identity that is translated through the use of the landscape and hardscape design. In today’s ultra competitive housing market, successful communities must have an ability to separate themselves from the competition and create a lasting impression. The use of authentic, regional and sustainable materials help in establishing your community as a special place that draws potential buyers and creates a great place to live. The level of amenities provided is essential, based on location, price points and market competition. We have developed community design plans for projects throughout Florida and have first hand experiences in many local markets enabling us to provide insightful design solutions that will exceed expectations.


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The artful creation of commercial landscape and hardscape designs provide many benefits to the built environment. With the creation of pleasant outdoor settings the building occupants are provided a refuge to escape outdoors and provide an integrated setting for the proposed buildings. By providing low maintenance, sustainable spaces that embrace the site and provide a connection with the build environment the outdoor spaces create areas for occupants that contribute to each occupant's quality of life and may increase productivity, health and other intangible benefits. The creation of office, retail and school environments that embrace outdoor spaces is essential in creating unique areas that enhance the overall experience. Specialty retail and restaurant projects demand a high attention to detail that reinforces the architectural character and style of the proposed structures to provide a unified and pleasing experience.


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The art and craft of landscape architecture is displayed in it's essence within the design of single family residential spaces. The level of detail and scale of the spaces is very important in the selection of materials and enhancing the outdoor living environment. We attempt to integrate the indoor living spaces in the landscape and hardscape planning. By utilizing a strong understanding of residential architecture and design, we successfully integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces together to create expansive outdoor rooms and intimate private plazas that enhance the architectural design of a home and takes advantage of the available area within the homesite to maximize value and enhance the overall livability of the home. We believe in the use of appropriate landscape and hardscape materials to compliment the homes style and work with leading architects and residential designers to provide a seamless design presentation.


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The creation of a TND community requires a great deal of skill, creativity and understanding of the principles of New Urbanism. We approach the design of TND communities by studying the elements that create pedestrian friendly human scale villages that begin to form the fabric of community. The design of the public realm and streetscapes plays a critical role from the beginning of the design process in order to begin establishing a hierarchy of vehicular and pedestrian circulation and public spaces. A great deal of attention is paid to establishing villages that function from a resident's perspective but also integrates multiple housing types to establish a diverse community. The villages each require a sense of place and a center to provide a unique identity within a larger community. These villages along with community parks, cultural and social destinations, and mixed use centers are patched together to create neighborhoods and communities that embrace the human scale experience that is in much demand.


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The creative planning of any community is essential in maximizing the available site features through a strong understanding of the opportunities and constraints that are unique to each site and community plan. We strive to gain a thorough understanding of the site, local zoning regulations, and local market to develop community master plans that deliver a unique sense of place and identity that attracts residents and provides the lifestyle that they desire. We prefer to take an organic approach to planning that incorporates existing site features or through the creation of unique public open spaces and amenities. This approach creates the opportunity to achieve the desired densities and utilize the natural environmental features as amenities by incorporating into the community plan.